The Earth Delights in Our Well-Being

By Doug Studer, Galvanizer, Lifelong Learner, Thoreauvian Naturalist

Deskey and BluEarth CEO

Really? That might be a little hard to fathom with all the storms, forest fires, floods and other natural catastrophes that fill the news — or even our own lives. When we cling to an anthropocentric view of the awesome power of natural events, the “man versus nature” perspective, we’re setting ourselves up for trouble. However, when we live in union with Mother Earth rather than in conflict with her, we see her not as a troublemaker, but as the nurturer she truly is.

Still, you’re wondering how the planet delights in our well-being. The short answer is, when we delight in hers. A simple answer, perhaps, but not a simple task. Nature always follows Life’s Principles, which are present by varying degrees in every living organism. Life creates conditions conducive to life, not only for the next generation, but also for the thousands of generations that follow. Life does this by taking care of its offspring and, just as critically, by taking care of the place that takes care of them. We need to open our eyes and learn from the elders of the planet, those species that have been around far longer than we have. Life has called Earth home for 3.8 billion years, so it must be doing something right.


If we can reframe how we choose to be present here on Earth, we can better control our impact on the environment. It is our environment. We are responsible for the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Nature renews selflessly. Trees will make our oxygen for as long as they can. The oceans will give us water for as long as they can. And the soil will provide food for as long as it can. But our actions influence the ability of the planet to furnish all these gifts — they are not endless; they are not guaranteed. Even the earth has limits, and we are trying her patience. It’s time we start acting like the rest of the “mature” species on this spinning globe. When we respect and care for our planet, when we delight in the gifts she offers without ravaging her precious resources, then she will delight in us.