Teachable Spirit

A teachable spirit has the potential to learn and understand nature. Thus, a teachable spirit is positioned to receive truth and has an attitude with more questions than answers. However, a teachable spirit recognizes truth when it comes knocking. It invites truth in to be examined, understood and applied. Truth invigorates the teachable spirit, and there is a rush of earthy adrenaline when it intersects with an open mind and heart.

In Biomimicry, wisdom comes from nature; therefore, a teachable spirit learns the ways of the earth. There is a tension that arises when truth begins to facilitate changes in behavior and attitude. This change of heart seems somewhat innocuous from the outside looking in, but most of us do not like to be told what to do. Change doesn’t come easily, even as you understand that it is in your best interest. But the transformation is telling. Your character and behavior fall more in line with nature; your patience, rather than your intimidation, becomes dominant; your bad beliefs and behaviors are replaced with good ones. Try a shift in your thinking and reflect on “How is nature experiencing me?” We can only change the world by changing our little corner of it.

This reconnection with nature, this alignment with an ethos beyond ourselves, opens us up to the wisdom surrounding us. There is so much to learn if we allow ourselves to be taught.